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Return Policy

We will accept returns of items that have not been opened. This must be processed within 14 days of delivery confirmation. a 15% restocking fee applies to any refunds given. Australian residents are entitled to consumer protections under Australian consumer law. Here is our International Refund Policy, and here is our Domestic Refund Policy (Australian residents only).

When will you be shipping products?

All Devices from our 2020 Kickstarter were shipped in December 2021. We then shipped more BRIDGE4s in April, and more again in July. In August 2022 we're shipping more BRIDGE6s with another batch planned to ship in Q4 2022. Orders keep rolling in, so we suggest you order as soon as you decide you want one.

We've got the most hard-to-get parts on hand (microcontrollers, footswitches) and we're manufacturing our own PCBs now with our new Pick 'n Place machinery.

Can i switch amp channels with my Bridge6/4

Sorry, No.
Many amps use high-current relay switching to change channels. These high currents may damage the Flexiports on your Bridge6 or Bridge4 controller. If your amp is MIDI controlled, then you will definitely be able to control it with the Bridge6 or Bridge4, but not with the switch output of the Flexiports. Only through a MIDI connection.

If you'd like to switch with relays, our Flexiport support the Morningstar Relay Interface.

Can you implement my idea?

We're always looking for new ideas. We love implementing features that people actually want! That's why we have a public discussion forum and idea submission page where you can see what we're planning and vote on ideas.

You're also welcome to toss an idea around in our Facebook group with other users. Doing that can help the idea mature before you submit it to the ideas page.

WHAT IS  A MIDI controller?

MIDI is a "Musical Instrument Digital Interface." It's essentially a language that different devices can use to talk to each other. It's been around for a long time and is implemented in thousands of devices. It started in the keyboard/synth world and has moved more recently to the guitar world.

MIDI has a set of commands that can be used for controlling anything that a manufacturer decides to make available to the user. These parameters or controls are what a MIDI controller is for. By connecting one MIDI controller to lots of different devices, you can change settings and/or presets on many different devices at once - just by pressing one button on your MIDI controller.

These controller devices are not new. There are many excellent products out there, but every design has its shortfalls. We've set out to improve on the concept of what a MIDI controller and be, how it works, and most importantly, how easy it is for people to use!

About our

Shipping Rates

We offer flat rates for shipping. These will change depending on your location. All customs duties and taxes are the customer's responsibility and are not included in the price of the item or the shipping cost. All items will have item value declared as per your sales receipt.

Shipping will normally take 3-5 days within Australia and 6-12 days internationally. Most items will be tracked. Small, low-value items will not usually have tracking.

CAN i see a demo with the pedal i own?

Nothing would make us happier than having a massive wall of MIDI-controlled gear to show off the power of the Bridge6. Unfortunately we can't afford that just yet. We have a few popular pieces of gear like the Line6 HX Stomp, Chase Bliss Audio pedals, and some synths.

We have a couple of simple demos available on our YouTube channel.
It's a balancing act making video content as well as managing production, but we will have video content with demos and you won't be disappointed!

If we never do a demo with the gear you want to see, perhaps someone over in our Facebook users group can help you out? There's heaps of people who own a LOT of gear so it's highly likely!

What does the device Library do?

Many devices that support MIDI control have a set of default values or unchangeable values. These are called "hard-assigned" MIDI commands. Other devices (especially the more modern and more powerful devices) have "soft-assigned" commands. This means that there are no defaults. Each individual user must set their own MIDI commands for each parameter as desired.

Our device library is aimed at devices with hard-assigned MIDI commands. These pre-set commands are often listed in a PDF user manual or on a webpage or on an old paper ("what's paper, Dad?") manual. You would then normally find the parameter you want to control, type them into your controller or its config software, and then check that it works.

Our Device Library takes that headache and turns it into a few simple clicks. In our desktop editor app, you can select your device from a list of brands, select the parameter you want to control, and all the MIDI values for that command will automatically map to the switch you're programming. Easy!

Our device library is currently over 370 devices, and over 25,000 MIDI commands! you can view the full list here.


If a device you own or manufacture is not on our device list, and it has default or pre-set MIDI commands, please contact us and let us know! We'll add it in straight away.

I live in Australia. Can i visit?

You sure can! Visitors welcome! If you're ever in the Newcastle, New South Wales area, send us a message beforehand and let's plan to meet up. We love a good MIDI chat over a coffee or a beer.