BRIDGE4 User Manual Released!

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Time to get planning!

So, your BRIDGE4 is on the way? Time to learn as much as you can so you can hit the ground running when it arrives.

Here's the User Manual

Logical progression

we've tried really hard to make the user manual as logical as possible. The first chapters introduce you to some simple navigation and use tutorials, before launching into the complexities of setting your own MIDI commands and customising ins and outs. We recommend reading the manual from start to finish at least once.

Is the manual searchable?

You bet it is! You can jump to any topic you like just by searching.

Is the manual downloadable?

No. With constant features updates, bug fixes etc, we need to be able to keep the manual as a 'living' document. You can manually save pages as a PDF or print them using the Print Dialog in your browser if you need an offline reference, but you should check back for user manual updates if the instructions you were using suddenly become unusable after a firmware update.

We will be considering our options for downloadable manuals in the future.

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