Flexiport Compatibility List for 'Switch Out' Mode

Monday, October 25, 2021

Flexiport "Switch Out" Mode

Our Flexiports have 7 modes (with more on the way). From MIDI Out and Expression In, to External Switch input and sending Tap Tempo as a switch output you can do a lot of things with a Flexiport!

The 'Switch Out' mode allows you to assign any switch action (press, release, double press, hold etc.) to any TRS switch configuration. For example, a press might trigger the Tip of the TRS being connected/closed, and a release may trigger the Ring of the TRS being connected/closed. For every different switch action, you can assign Tip, Ring, or Tip+Ring to be closed on the TRS Flexiport of your choice.

You can use this to control other effects or devices that might have switch inputs. The input might be an external footswitch port, a tap tempo port, or some other auxiliary function.

Compatibility & Safety

The Flexiports do not use relays and are not capable of switching high-current or high-voltage amp channels. Some Amplifiers, especially more modern ones MAY be able to be switched using a Flexiport but we do not recommend testing this yourself, as it may damage your Flexiport permanently and will not be covered by warranty. That's why we have created this page.

If you have a device and are unsure whether it is suitable to be used with the Flexiport Switch Out mode, please contact us at and we will investigate it for you.

The list below names devices that we are sure will not damage your Flexiport if you use it in 'Switch Out' mode.


  • BOSS DD-20 Tap Tempo port
  • Eventide H9 Exp/FS port
  • Line6 Helix FS ports

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