KS Update #7: The Final 8

Thursday, April 22, 2021

It finally happened - we sold out of first-run Bridge6 units (300 of them!) just a week ago. There are now no more Bridge6 pre-orders available. However, all other products are still available for pre-order on our website.

For anyone interested in the Bridge6, we're planning to open pre-orders again after the first run have been delivered in August. Regarding an actual ETA for the second run, we haven't had time to figure that out yet. That will depend on the global chip shortage to a degreee as well.

The Final 8

We're expecting that in 8 weeks we'll be madly assembling 350 Bridge6 and Bridge4 controllers, 50 Exp-Doublers, and many cables, WIDI Jacks, and protective covers to ship around the world. It's amazing how quickly the time is flying!

This week we've sent our enclosure off to the anodiser, and ordered our jig for laser-engraving the enclosures when they return to us.

We've also been working to get the base features of the firmware ready for proper use. Simon has been testing while Sam bugfixes, and we've delivered our first test unit just yesterday.

We're expecting a new version of the app to be delivered to us in the next few days which will enable firmware updates through the app, and editing with the controller either connected or disconnected.

Once the base features of the firmware and app are worked out, Simon will be writing the user manuals online ready for launch and making some instructional videos.

In the next few weeks we'll be getting out PCBs assembled (finally!), and receiving our enclosures for the Exp-Doublers. Then we'll be having the lighpipes and screen brackets delivered, and then the final piece - the footswitches is scheduled to arrive in late July.

We'll keep you up to date with more details about the app and the testing. In the meantime, feel free to ask us any questions through our email or the Facebook group.

Looking to the future, we've planned a bit of a roadmap for the other products we've been teasing. This is a rough timeline with no exact dates but it give you our order of priority for follow-up products.

1. Bridge6, Bridge4, and Exp-Doubler - launching ASAP

2. FlexiHub and a Bypass Looper - launching for pre-orders very shortly after

3. Other products we've teased (motorised faders, Bridge1 etc) - To be confirmed.

Believe us when we say we're excited as you are!


Simon & Sam

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