KS Update #8: The Final Countdown!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hey friends, In Australia, we have had some outbreaks of the delta strain of COVID-19 and many local government areas have had lockdowns imposed. Recent lockdowns in the state of NSW (where PIRATE MIDI is based) have caused a bit of havoc with the post (both domestic and international) and so we are having short delays on the final pieces of the puzzle.

It's not going to be major but if we get pushed out to the end of August/start of September before shipping, this is the reason.

We're waiting for some screws (for the enclosures), adapter cables, circuit boards (the brains), and the brackets that hold the screen to arrive.

The foot switches that were the cause of the initial delay have arrived, but a quality issue has meant we're waiting for a second shipment to be delivered. The factory has given us a timeline for delivery and it doesn't look like it will impact the assembly or delivery dates.

Most of you would have seen in our Facebook group or social media channels that we've been working on the user manual in the last week. We're hoping to get that released before the assembly/shipping so that you can hit the ground running when you open your package. The manual will be online, with animated diagrams to help you understand the menu navigation etc. We will also have a YouTube video for each chapter of the user manual that covers the same content in case you prefer watching videos and listening to reading a manual. The videos will probably not be completed before shipping.

The Device link feature is in development as we speak with early demos working well. The app, although delayed by some USB connection issues, is now getting the final base features added too. We'll be spending the last few weeks altering UI design and making sure it all works smoothly.

The assembly process is going to be very hands on and we don't exactly know how long it will take us to assemble everything when we have all the pieces. That's another reason we can't put a definite date on it. But rest assured we'll be spamming you with photos when we start assembling.

Today we received the final sample PCBs for the Bridge6 and Bridge4 to check that our altered circuits (to avoid parts that are expensive or difficult to come by nowadays) are working fine.

The expression doublers have all arrived, and you'll see some pics below of a completed production unit!

As always, if you have any questions, we're more than happy to chat. You can head over to our Facebook Group for the fastest response, or send us a message or an email.

Stay safe everyone!


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