KS Update #3: Development & Manufacturing

Friday, January 29, 2021

We've been working really hard to get the Bridge6, Bridge4, and the associated products ready to go.

1. Sam's been working on the firmware with our software developer and they've completed the app/device communication protocol. It's really cool to see the Bridge6 screen update with a new bank name after renaming it in the app! Stay tuned for more signifcant app updates now that this is done.

2. Enamel Pins, Thank You Notes, and T-shirts are all on their way to us!

3. The OLED screens have all been purchased and shipped and we expect to take delivery in the next few weeks. This is really exciting because the OLED screens were one of the items that we thought were going to have a very long lead time!

4. Packaging has been finalised and the Bridge6 and Bridge4 Boxes are being printed now. They will ship after the Chinese New Year.

5. Final PCB prototypes for the Bridge6 and our first Bridge4, Exp-Doubler, and FlexiHub PCBs are on their way to us.

6. The new website is successfully accepting orders for all our products. We've also re-worked the Device Library List so you can easily see if your devices are on there.

7. The FAQs section of the website is very popular. Why not have a look?

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