KS Update #4: Closer and closer!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Hello to all our awesome backers!

We've got some exciting updates for you today:

1. App is ready for show! Our Software Developer has (after many many hours of API programming with Sam) started packaging our app to be delivered to us for testing. We will be showing off the app and the interface with the Bridge6 within days now! So cool!

2. Enamel Pins are done. Awesome photos below!

3. T-Shirts are done!

4.  We've been asked a few times if we can add a keybaord HID class to the Bridge6/4. After a bit of considerations we've decided to add it! This means you'll be able to assign keyboard keystrokes to Bridge controller switches. In fact, you get assignable keyboard triggers of up to 3 keys, per switch, per bank, for every switch action. That's 1,800 keystrokes!

5. The enclosures for the Bridge6 and Bridge4 are now in production!

6. We've added new Product Features pages to our website for the Bridge6 and Bridge4 (more feature pages to come). Check them out at

7. We recently announced in our facebook group (feel free to join btw) that we've implemented an API for controlling our devices externally (built mostly for the desktop config app). This means that we will have documentation available for a developers program so that you can integrate the Bridge controllers really tightly with other apps, plugins, scripts etc.

If you develop Max for LIVE plugins, scripts, apps (desktop or mobile) etc, then please get in touch and when we are ready to release the API documents, you'll be able to use them to program crazy cool stuff.

8. Sneak Peek at our stunning product box:

9. Our first samples of the injection molded light pipes will be in our hands by the 22nd of March!

10. The Expression Doubler is tiny!

Thankfully, we're still on track for a May delivery.  There is the possibility that the worldwide microprocessor shortage causes a small delay, but at this stage it's full steam ahead!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them :)

If you have any cool ideas, submit them for community voting!

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