KS Update #5: Delay announcement

Thursday, April 15, 2021

For the last few weeks, Sam has been working closely with our app developer as they integrate the app and the firmware. It's coming along well and we're expecting full app demos soon.

Sam has been working on converting the Bridge6 firmware for use on the Bridge4, and when not working on Bridge6/4 stuff he's been working on the flexihub initial firmware and also coming up with new product concepts as you might have seen in the Facebook group.

Here are some screenshots, but head to the group for the videos and discussion threads.

We had the first samples of the injection-molded light pipes delivered last week and they're really good! a couple of small tweaks and we'll be pumping out a few thousand of them very soon!

The Bridge6 and Bridge4 product boxes are on their way to us now after printing began a few weeks ago.

Our Bridge6 enclosure are nearly ready for pickup from the metal fabricator, and the Bridge4 is next after a test run to iron out manufacturing issues about two weeks ago.

Revised Delivery Windows - August 2021

Soon after our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded we went to all our suppliers and began to place orders. All our suppliers were able to stick to their original timeframe estimates except one. The manufacturer of our footswitches told us that due to the global raw materials shortage, they would have to extend the lead time on our switches. On the 5th of March they confirmed that the lead time would be 19-21 weeks.

We placed our order immediately, and waited for an official delivery date before announcing the delay, so that we could be as accurate as possible. A couple of days ago they gave us a shipping date which will put delivery around the 20th of July.

We have planned to have everything ready for assembly when the switches arrive at our door. This gives us an estimate of units arriving to backers worldwide in the first half of August.

Using the extra 9 weeks to our advantage

Having known about the delay for over a month now, we have rescheduled some parts of production to make sure you get the best MIDI controller possible. We have increased the number of features that will be available in the firmware and the software at launch, and have delayed our beta testing a little so that testers can have a more solid, fleshed-out app to work with.

Overall, we want you to know that this delay will result in the Bridge6 and Bridge4 being more mature and stable with more features on the day you open the box.

We're sorry for the disruption to your plans, but we hope you can understand that this was out of our control but we're going to use it to your advantage.

Desktop App Update

You've been waiting a long time, and although it's rather fragile and not ready for public consumption yet, all the hardest work is done and now its polishing time!

Online accounts for saving your settings and configs
See exactly what you're changing with a representation of the physical device (UI styling is in draft stage)
Device Library and individual message routing example

We're excited to get the app a bit more functional so we can show you the awesome way your Bridge6 or Bridge4 controller interacts with live update as you change things in the app!

Backer Surveys

Thanks for all your survey responses. There are now only 7 people who haven't responded to the survey to give us their shipping details and confirm the items in their order. If that's you, please log in to Kickstarter and do that ASAP.

If you are planning on moving house or need to change your shipping address, please do that by the start of July so that we can prep all the orders for packing as soon as the footswitches arrive in July. You can change your address at any time through the Kickstarter website. Help us be as organised as possible so we can ship in the first few days of August!

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