Bridge4 MIDI Foot Controller

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PRE-ORDER a smaller next-gen MIDI foot controller with all the power and connections of the BRIDGE6. Shipping ETA April/May 2022.

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The Bridge4 is a next-gen MIDI foot controller with no compromises. A lightning fast ARM processor and plenty of storage means ongoing firmware and feature updates = future-proof investment

Connect everything - your gear, apps, and plugins - and control them exactly the way you want with RGB colour feedback and an easy-to-read display.

Configure to your needs with our sleek, intuitive desktop app. Export your layout, and use our huge device library to save you hours of programming time.



The dual-zone RGB LEDs allow for powerful visual feedback.

Use colours for instant recognition: you might use blue for reverbs, red for amps, green for drive, or match the colours of your gear for a great aesthetic!

You can change colours on the fly with the onboard menu or select from millions on the desktop app. Each switch has a primary and secondary LED. Make them the same, or split them for even more detail.


No annoying backlight in sight here! Crisp, clean, and easy to read, our 3.2" OLED graphic display shows text labels and icons while allowing you to navigate menus and banks with ease.

Easily readable from standing height and completely customisable labels for each switch on each bank.

There is an in-built icon library for displaying secondary switch function - or just for a little extra flair!


We use only the highest quality, rugged jacks that can stand up to constant use over years.

USB Type-C
3.5mm TRS MIDI Input
3.5mm TRS MIDI Output
9v DC Center-Negative Input
1/4" TRS Flexiports (x2)


One of the most exciting features of the Bridge4 are the flexiports. 1/4" TRS jacks that can be used for:

Expression Pedal Input - up to 2 per flexiport with our Exp-Doubler
CV Input
Switch Input - up to 3 per flexiport
Switch Output
MIDI Output
Tap-Tempo Output
Device Link - Join two or more Flexiport units to expand device inputs, outputs, and functionality.

Flexiports will take you through an automated setup process when you plug in a TRS cable, they'll also remember the configuration of the last device that was plugged in.

Switch inputs and outputs can be used to control your non-MIDI gear, like the Auxilliary Footswitch on a delay pedal, or channel switching on some amplifiers.


The Bridge4 can be powered by USB or by a standard guitar pedal 9v DC center-negative jack. Both can be plugged in at the same time, and you can remove one or the other without interrupting the Bridge4.


89+ Brands
355+ Devices
23,000+ MIDI Commands

Throw away your user manual and CC lists - Our MIDI device library has over 300 effects pedals, synths, amplifiers, and apps totalling over 22,000 MIDI commands.

View our Device Library list

Can't find your gear on the list? Don't worry, many plugins, apps, and hardware have "soft-assigned" MIDI commands, which means there aren't defaults in our database, but it will still work with the Bridge4!

We love finding new devices that work with the Bridge4. If you notice something missing from our list that has default MIDI commands built-in, let us know so we can add it.


100 Banks

4 switches, multiple expression pedals or external switches - all with their own different stack of MIDI commands in each bank. That's thousands of MIDI commands in just one pedal!

Stackable MIDI Commands

One press can send a burst of MIDI commands, allowing you to change all your gear with just one foot. Use press, release, double tap, hold, hold release, toggle, or sequential modes to give each switch even more power and flexibility. 128+ Messages per switch!

Windows & Mac OS App

A beautiful, intuitive config app is nearly ready for beta testing and will make adding features, updating firmware, and managing your MIDI messages super easy. Stay tuned for more info.

Send or Receive any MIDI Command

Program Change (PC), Continuous Controller (CC), Note On/Off, SysEx, MIDI Clock (incl. Tap), Bank Up/Down, it does it all.

All features can be externally controlled - just connect the MIDI 'in' to the MIDI 'out' of your gear, and never get out of sync.


2 Independent MIDI Clocks Onboard

There are two separate tap-tempo MIDI clocks at your disposal. LEDs flash with the tempo, and a long press (hold) will send start/stop clock messages. Icons and secondary LED colour help you keep track of whether your last message was start or stop.

Send Tap to non-MIDI Devices

Use the flexiports to send your tap-tempo to a non-MIDI device such as a delay pedal which has a tap switch input.

Automate and animate with LFOs

Create evolving soundscapes and textures with the powerful LFOs. These are really cool! Every switch in every bank has it's own dedicated LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) which allows you to send any of the available stacked messages as a modulated output of MIDI data.

You can customise the waveform, trigger mode, define minimum and maximum value limits. Most excitingly, there are several global LFOs which can be used to create FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis of the MIDI data streams. You can have two LFOs running at a time. You won't believe what you can create.


We've spent 12 months designing, prototyping, and working all our special MIDI magic to bring the Bridge4 to market with a flying head start. On the 1st of January 2021 our Kickstarter campaign finished over 320% funded with 278 backers.

There's truly no other controller like it available. In a few months (estimated May 2021) we'll be shipping out the Bridge4 to our backers and pre-order customers. Order yours today!


This is a project we're really passionate about because we're passionate about the music community.

We've seen the amazing ideas and conversations and dreams that happen when people collaborate - that's what we want for Pirate MIDI.

We want to take ideas, and prioritise development based on your dreams. Visit our feature roadmap and ideas submission page to get involved in developing the MIDI controller of your dreams!


International postage with tracking. Import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.
GST included for Australian purchases.

Bridge4 Pedal Hardware

- Dimensions: 112mm x 94mm x 63mm
- Weight: 335g
- Sloped anodised aluminium two-piece enclosure
- 4x silent footswitches
- 3.2" OLED graphical display
- 8 RGB LEDs
- USB Type-C
- 3.5mm TRS
- 1/4" TRS
- 2.1mm DC Barrel jack

Technical Specs

- Class-compliant MIDI device
- USB bus-powered
- 9v DC center-negative 2.1mm barrel jack
- Seamless power switching between USB and 9v DC
- Current draw: 100-200mA

Bridge4 Firmware Features

- 100 Banks
- 128+ MIDI messages per switch, per bank
- Connect up to 4 expression pedals, each with 12 MIDI messages each, per bank
- Up to 6 aux switch inputs
- Multiple switch states (press, release, hold, hold release, toggle, sequential)
- Icon Library for easy labelling of hold function or transport controls
- Scribble strip displays and assignable icons
- Powerful MIDI LFOs
- Use the app or the device for easy configuration

Desktop Config App

- Windows / Mac OS Compatible
- Seamless firmware updates
- Every setting and MIDI command intuitively available
- Export device layouts to save programming time
- MIDI commands device library - 370+ device and 25,000+ MIDI commands

PIRATE  MIDI Business Details

Pirate MIDI is a registered Australian business partnership
between Simon Glover and Sam Spencer est. 2020.

ABN: 74 502 515 021

Purchases made directly through Pirate MIDI are covered by Australian Consumer Law which has strict guidelines for warranty and replacement.




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